JOHNNY inside®

A Cuban graphic designer

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JOHNNY inside®

Freelancing since Fall 2017.

I worked for a software company from 2000 till 2017. But, since Fall 2017, I am working as a freelance, represented by the Cuban Association of Social Communicators. Being your own boss brings new responsibilities, but also more control of your goals. So, I am ready to take your job now.

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JOHNNY inside®Hi... I'm a Cuban graphic designer born and living in Ciego de Avila city, which is also a province in the middle of Cuba. I am a registered designer at the National Design Office, certified to develop the Visual Communication activity. I'm also a member of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and the Cuban Association for Audiovisuals. I worked for more than 15 years at a nationwide Information Technology company, but I've been dealing with computers since 1993. Now, I do freelance work as my job.

My passion is the creation! My clients are my motivation!


As a self-taught person, I had to make incursions into different media to support my own creative interest. Thus taking me into fields like: publicity, multidimensional design, standalone and Web programming, audio and video edition, photography and animation.

There was a time when I blamed myself for being a jack of all trades and master of none, but I was just looking at the dark side of it. Now, I enjoy it because that makes me a Swiss-army knife® when problems come up. Get free access to my detailed skills.


These clients hired me and they were completely satisfied with my work. Want to join them? See the full list of clients so far.


Clients build their opinion based on three simple things: your experience, your response time and your results. Listen to them:

Mayelin Academia
Mayelín Martínez
Principal & teacher
After years of trying to come up with a name and logo for my school, Johnny came along and it was like a bolt of lightning; the one I needed to bring my dream to life. It is impressive and inexplicable to see how he is able to guide you, in such a professional and extremely pleasant way, to organize your ideas. He is an expert in what he does and I highly recommend him.
Luanda Pau
The genie of the lamp! Johnny makes what you dream come true. From the first contact, his professionalism and dedication made me feel confident. Always available, patient and with an incredible sense of humour. Johnny helps you put your ideas in order, thanks to the great knowledge he has. Without a doubt, I will work with him again. Highly recommended.
ZeeNeMas Productions
Lizandra Parra
CEO & Founder
Not all minds are created equal. And not all graphic designers are like Johnny, who can understand how your mind works before starting work. From the beginning, Johnny sought to know more about my vision, how I wanted the end result, to know what the story behind my company was and to manage to fit my feelings, in order to recreate the logo of my dreams.


When you are a workaholic, it's pretty hard to select which is the work that will show up in your portfolio. You feel like putting every single work on it. Let's make the list as short as possible. No particular order was used while publishing this gallery.


Are you running out of time but you still feel curious about my work...? Take home a copy of my Curriculum Vitae for a later read.

Curriculum VitaeDownload PDF in English Descargar PDF en Español

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Anybody can press a single button and take a snapshot. But a picture implies more than that. That is why I like photography.


Creating a single image is difficult, imagine creating 30 of them per second! And that is just the beginning of the whole process!


I am a graphic designer, but I love to create digital solutions that I'm sharing with you right here. Try them at no cost!


Are you feeling like traveling? Great! This is where you can find me, in the middle of Cuba. It will be a pleasure to meet you there...


Do you have a question for me? Why not asking for it? Fill in the form below and let's talk about it. I am curious already!

Alternative methods


(+53) 53038703


(+53) 53038703

To: José J. Martí  
Eduardo Mármol #407 bajos.
Entre calles 5ta y 6ta.
Vista Hermosa. C.P.: 65300.
Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.
*The artist is available in English and Spanish only. Get in touch now!